Dual Mode Transportation System Solves Traffic Jams, Pollution, and Minimizes Oil Dependency

A new transportation system called the BiModal Glideway would allow specially designed automobiles and small trucks and buses to enter a separate high speed rail system. This patented Bimodal system embodies the best aspects of both public transportation and our current highway system. Two modes of operation yield safer, faster, more economical, and greener cars. Automated driverless vehicles revolutionize freight delivery.

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The Glideway

The BiModal Glideway System, presented here for the first time, is unique when compared to other multi-modal systems. Designing a multi-modal which can interact with conventional traffic has become nearly impossible due to the cost of developing new, separated highways for the automated vehicles, required to avoid accidents. A separate elevated single lane system made the most sense if we could develop ways to reduce both interaction with other traffic and the ground space (footprint) required for ramps and rights-of-way. Read More...

The Vehicles

Personal and Commercial

The personal models will be similar in design and utility as conventional vehicles of today. They will be equiped to travel both on conventional roadways and on the BiModal Glideway. Transferring from roadway to glideway will be seamless. The commercial bimodal consists of two separate subsystems. One is primarily for transferring commercial materials, cargo, equipment, liquids, etc. between controlled locations and terminals. They are driverless bimodals stripped of all automoblie features while retaining full glideway capabilities. Read More...