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Thank you for visiting After 43 years, a dream may come true. In 1965 I retired from a 23 year career in the US Navy and joined the aerospace firm TRW at Space Park in Redondo Beach. California. I was assigned the position of project manager to analyze the potential of multi-modal vehicles as a major source of transportation in the Washington to Boston corridor.

This program was in support of a much larger program called High Speed Ground Transportation (HSGT) which was analyzing all forms of potential concepts for the U.S. Department of Transportation. The multi-modal concepts in 1967 were ingenious but not approached from a total system requirements for a universally acceptable multi-modal vehicle. This is the approach I took in developing the BiModal Glideway system. Over the last forty years we have seen major advances in electronic applications which make the Bimodal Glideway possible.

Turning the dream into reality will require major partnership efforts between Federal, State, and Local governments and private industry with a strong interest from “We the People.” I am hoping the Bimodal Glideway system presents a convincing argument that we need a NASA type effort to achieve these goals. The total cost would be negligible compared to the benefits. The life it saves could be yours.

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William D. Davis, Jr.

Figure 7

From patent: Personal vehicle traveling on the glideway.

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